This bowl takes surrounds the heart and embrace with a deep purple transparent glass.  The dichroic glass (the paler side of the heart) reflects turquoise/blue and gold/red, depending on how the light hits it and where you are viewing it from.  As I made this piece, I was thinking of the symbolism that represents the various aspects of intimate love:  Two people coming together (the two sides of the heart); the physical closeness and comfort (the deep blue embrace - as viewed from above); the deep red, life giving colour in the heart with the light, playful complement that brings freshness and joy and the container holding the relationship safely and securely (the bowl).  And it looks good sitting on a table casting its light around it.

This bowl is 14" in diameter and 3" deep.

It is one-off and original.  There will be no other like it.

A 'must' for the one you love - or as a wedding gift.

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