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Michelli Glass: Design, Colour and Light

Connecting people to the beauty of glass



Michelli Glass

Michelli Glass is focused on sharing the attributes of beautiful glass. Instinctively, the viewer will interpret the impact of the colour and light transmission and allow it to 'speak to them' in its own way. Sometimes this is subtle, at other times it is complex and powerful. But to be moved by glass as it casts its colour into the surroundings is the point; it resonates with the creative potential we all carry.

The bowls always reflect that which is around them, and this changes minute by minute, day by day.

The bowls always reflect that which is around them, and this changes minute by minute, day by day.


Who I am

I am an academic, an author and an artist.

I am also descended from an ancient Venetian family which, through my relationship with glass, finally closes the circle with my forebears.

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Photography by Annabel Moeller www.annabelmoellerphotography.com


Examining the reflective qualities of the partnership bowl

Little red bowl

Why bowls?


Bowls hold offerings.  Gifts, precious items and foods are given, with love, from one person to another.

Bowls receive offerings.  Held out, they invite - sometimes challenge - our generosity.

Bowls contain.  They keep items together; sorted and safely held.

Bowls are used for mixing.  Nourishing foods and medicinal potions.  They are the seat of Alchemy.

From the most primitive civilisations, bowls have been made, used and exchanged as gifts.  Michelli Glass seeks to be part of this human language.


Uses for your bowl

These bowls are perfect to add a point of special interest in a room.  As they catch the light, they will cast colour into their surroundings, extending and expanding their impact as they do so.  Placed on a low coffee table, or used as the centre piece of a dining table, these bowls will draw attention to themselves and offer a variety of visual effects experiences and enhance the mood.

"Just looking at these bowls makes me happy!"  ('Happy' customer)


caring for your bowl

These bowls have been formed in a kiln at temperatures just below 800 Celsius.  However, they don't like to experience sudden and rapid increases or decreases in temperature.  To avoid thermal shock, please raise and lower the ambient temperature gently.  It is not recommended that they are washed in a dishwasher.  Please use natural detergents and a soft cloth to get rid of fingerprints and bring them back to their full shine.


collecting bowls

New designs are being produced constantly in the large and the small sizes.  It is worth looking out for designs that complement a previous acquisition, whilst building on its effect.  The current themes fall into the following categories:

Geometric and structured

Wavy and organic

Retro and opaque

Featuring dichroic or Aventurine glass

New themes will emerge regularly.

commissioning bowls

For those of you who have specific requirements, please use the contact form to describe the vision you have for your environment or the purpose you for the bowl.  It may be:

A special anniversary

A wedding

A birthday

An award

A promotion

A momentous event

Any other special transition or occasion!



Colour use, if it is to be more than an academic exercise, must be connected to a love of colour, manifested in a personally resonating colour sense. For some, colour is analytical, systematic, related to ideas about order and rationality, for others it is intuitive, emotive, associative or symbolic. But without a doubt the best work in colour delves into a personal alchemy to achieve a sense of profundity irrespective of style or approach.
— Doreen Balabanoff