Who I am


I am an academic, an author and an artist. 

I am also descended from an ancient Venetian family which, through my relationship with glass, finally closes the circle with my forebears. 


My career has taken several distinct paths:  The first as a mechanical engineer; a profession that has given me the certainty that technical knowledge, combined with curiosity, leads to creative endeavour.

The second path took me into the corporate world as a leadership development specialist.  This is where I encountered the strategies and structures of business and learned how human systems can be productive – and not so productive!  In parallel, I trod an academic path and gained a PhD in adult learning as a transformative process.

Alongside all this, I have also been developing my glass artistry.  I am now drawing from my studies, my experience, my inspiration - and the echoes of my ancestry, to form an enterprise that combines creative and business principles to bring glass art to a wider audience.

You might also like to look at: www.stainedglassbydena.co.uk









‘There is now considerable proof that the light and colour of interior spaces will influence a wide range of emotions, making people feel more, or less, alert, interested, happy and confident. ... Light and colour are not only a matter of vision. They penetrate deeply into our minds and bodies, affecting us to an extent that is seldom realised.’ 

Rikard Küller