Valentine's day approaching

Although we have only recently entered 2017, Valentine's Day is fast approaching.  Associated with the celebration of love and the exchange of cards and gifts, MichelliGlass is entering the field!  We are launching anew line - 'The Love Line' - for those who would like a special gift for their loved one.  The heart is formed by two complementary parts; although different in the way they reflect the light around them.  One side is the deep red of the beating heart that sustains life and the other side is the dichroic, playful side, that shines differently in every position and circumstance.  The embrace of the blue arms around the heart provides safely and security; the safe space in which full personal expression may take place.  The bowl is a receptacle; a container for fulsome relationship. 

In addition to the large bowls, there are smaller versions of 'The Love Line'.  (Not currently displayed.)  Perhaps you'd like to take a look and consider acquiring one for the special person in your life.

Dena Michelli