This bowl is called the 'Partnership bowl' because it combines two opposing features - curves/circles and squares/triangles.  These are brought together in harmony to present an integrated whole; a bowl of complementarity.

This bowl offers an additional choice; a feature that is seen as a distinctive circle in the photographs.  These are shown in the pictures to the left.  The circles are made from dichroic glass or Aventurine glass.  The dichroic combines different colours and patterns and gives the impression of depth.  It actually reflects and refracts the colours differently as you change your viewing angle.  The Aventurine glass is full of glitter which plays with the light and sparkles.  The Aventurine glass comes in dark blue or forest green.

Although the photographs of the dichoric circles, it's almost impossible to convey their remarkable effects.  It really does have to be a lived experience but hopefully, the impression will be sufficient to give you an idea. 

This bowl is 14 inches in diameter and 3 inches in depth.

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